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International Programmes are...

An intensive plan for Permanent Residents or Foreign Nationals who are willing to get a Driver's License.
About International Programmes......
Fully Support [Japanese and Foreign Languages] Lesson&Tests Programme.

Foreign Lessons&Tests

・Recommended changing home address, until getting the Driver's license.
・English&Chinese Theory tests at West Shimane Prefecture Driving License Center.
・With full support of Foreign Language (English,Chinese,and Tagalog)Specialty Instructors.
・Please ask information for Practical Driving Interpretation with Specialty Instructors.
※Learner's Permit and Drivers License Theory Tests will be held at West Shimane Prefecture Driving License Center (Hamada City).

Japanese Tests

・Japanese Language Theory Tests will be held at M-land.
・With full support of Foreign Languages (English,Chinese,and Tagalog)Specialty Instructors.
・Please ask information for Practical Driving Interpretation with Specialty Instructors.
※Japanese Learner's Permit Theory Test will be held at M-land. After passing the Graduation Practical Test, take License Theory Test w/in 1 year at the nearest Domicile Licensing Center.
Do your best and GET your License!!!


Name:Dai Mari Carmen
It's been a year and 5months since I became an instructor here in M-Land. In everyday teaching and getting involved with many guests. I'm starting to feel that I was born for this job. I felt that it's my destiny to be here. All I obtained, experienced and learned since I came here to Japan is all meant to be for this compliment's I'm obtaining now.
At first I was impressed of the fact, Rislcing to raise a non-Japanese instructor. I heard that in other school they just have those interpreters, helping the guests. But passing all the needed bar exams for the said license was not easy to get. So many hard and high walls must be climbed. The biggest thing and the most touching part is that. M-Land believed that ever I'm a Filipina, I had the ability that I can pass this and corse I did. But it's not only me by myself. I own all what I have now to all those best instructors here in M-Land who done their best teaching me with all their patience and abilities.
The word THANK YOU wont be enough to thank all the people who pushed me and made me who I am now, Specially to MR. JIRO KOGAWA.
It's my destiny who I am now so I have and I will do what I have too. It's my job to teach and at the same time share love . We are here to make. M-Land the first "NO BORDER DRIVUNG SCHOOL" in JAPAN what ever your citizenship is, we are here to support you, with all ovr heart and smile.
Name:Murakami Anna Marie
I wrote to compliments for the efforts and patience of driving instructors in M-land who have made my driving license a success! Attending everyday of different challenges as with different instructors, they are dedicated and sincere in teaching and imparting their knowledge. These are the type of instructors M-land should retain and to be recognized for their good performance.
Needless to say I've indeed succeeded in attaining my driving license through my own efforts and with support of loved ones, with support of M-land but still, some bit of my success and strength made for foreign students who needs more support especially how to understand Japanese language.
For all foreign nationals who wish to take a driving license in Japan, current and future, we are here to let you understand the knowledge and skill of driving techniques which allows learners to correct their mistakes and adopt good driving habits. We assure you to a nice and fruitiful journey, to lead you an infinite safe driving.
We are willing to welcome all the foreign nationals, let's make great lessons together and teach us more about how to extend our professionalism by acknowledging your errors, and just remember, not everything starts out PERFECT.........let's [3L'C] LIVE,LOVE,LAUGH, and CRY together in M-land.